Interview with conductor Aleksandar Brujic

As part of the concert season Convivium Musicum ’19, on November 30th, the audience had the opportunity to meet one of the most respected amateur vocal ensembles in Serbia – choir Belgrade Madrigalists. This ensemble was founded in 1951 and fosters a new kind of music. The repertoire contains spiritual compositions by local and foreign authors, the national repertoire, as well as contemporary compositions. Since 2008, the choir has been under the direction of maestro Aleksandar Brujic. At the scene of the First Kragujevac Gymnasium, choir revived the compositions of B. Donato, F. Azzaiolo, L. Marenzio, O. di Lasso, A. Willaert and A. Vivaldi. We spoke with the conductor Aleksandar Brujic about the performance, interesting biography and the challenges that working with ensemble brings. Read More →


The compeling sound of Belgrade Madrigalists

One of our most respected amateur vocal ensembles − choir Belgrade Madrigalists held a concert last night, under the direction of maestro Aleksandar Brujic, at Hall of the First Kragujevac Gymnasium. This ensemble was founded in 1951 on the initiative of conductor Milan Bajsanski and to this day it successfully nurtures a new kind of music that we do not have so often the opportunity to hear in Serbia. Read More →


Emotional music stories performed by Camerata Academica

On October 10, in the Hall of the First Kragujevac Gymnasium, within the Concert season Convivium Musicum ’19, music lovers had the opportunity to enjoy the sounds of the chamber orchestra Camerata Academica from Novi Sad. This ensemble consists of the best young musicians of the Academy of Arts (Novi Sad) – professors, assistants and the most talented students. The program presented to the audience in Kragujevac, according to cellist Marko Miletic who addressed the audience during the concert, is dedicated to the victims of fascism and war. The two Bach’s compositions, with which the orchestra began and ended the concert, represented a kind of prayers dedicated to the victims of the wars, while Shostakovich’s and Vasks’s works conveyed tragic and pain in different contexts. Read More →

CM '19 Camerata Academica Plakat

Camerata Academica performs at 5th concert of season

After a short summer break and successfully completed 6th International festival of chamber music, we are back to the Concert season “Convivium Musicum ’19”. In the second half of the season we will host extraordinary ensembles and exceptional domestic performers. The first concert this fall, and the fifth in the season, will feature one of the most recognized orchestras in Serbia – Camerata Academica from Novi Sad. Read More →


Closing ceremony of the 6th Festival

The closing ceremony of this year’s International festival of chamber music Convivium Musicum was marked by the performance of one of the genre’s favourite works – the String Quintet in C major by Franz Schubert. Before the concert, the members of the organizing team – Ljubica Guzvic and Stefan Adamovic expressed gratitude to the audience, performers and friends of the Festival. Read More →


Third concert of 6th Festival

On the third evening of the 6th International Festival of Chamber Music Convivium Musicum , two festival ensembles performed – the String Trio and the String Quartet . String Trio: Roma Tic – violin, Mila Krasnyuk – viola and Filip Tomic – cello performed the Serenade for String Trio C major, Op. 10 by Hungarian composer Erne Dohnani. This five-piece composition actually portrays a new and stylized Beethovenian ideal of the serenade form, through which flows lush beauty and charm. In interpretation of the members of the Festival String Trio, the elastic thematic material and the controlled power of this composition have received their full expression through a mesmerizing exchange of energy and emotions. Read More →


Second evening of 6th Festival

The second night of the 2019 Festival, was marked by the performance of the Festival Ensembles CONVIVIUM MUSICUM – violin-cello duo and cello duo. The idea of bringing together artists who did not have the opportunity to perform together before, proved to be, this year as well, of great interest to both the Kragujevac audience and the performers themselves. The pulsating energy as well as dedication of the performers marked last night’s concert. Read More →