Ensemble Quattro Temperamenti will open the Jubilee Festival

On Tuesday, September 25th, the 5th International Festival of Chamber Music Convivium Musicum starts. The Jubilee edition of the Festival will open an attractive sound of saxophone and temperament performance of Quattro Temperamenti ensemble.
Members of chamber ensemble Quattro Temperamenti are: Srdjan Paunovic – soprano saxophone, Nikola Macura – alto saxophone, Lovro Livajic – tenor saxophone and Filip Orlovic – baritone saxophone. All four were educated by famous professors of saxophone Gordan Tudor and Gabriel Bunford, while as quartet they gathered in the class of Timea Kalmar. Read More →


5th International festival of chamber music Convivium Musicum

Chamber music is celebrated for the fifth time in a row in Kragujevac. We are proud to announce the jubilee – 5th International festival of chamber music Convivium Musicum, which will be held from 25th to 28th September 2018.

After four successful Festivals, the name Convivium Musicum became, we can freely say, a synonym for an interesting and non-standard program. Presentation of various forms of chamber ensembles, and top class performances of classical music that have not been performed at the Kragujevac scene so far, are the tradition we are following on this occasion as well. Read More →

Prijava za volontere 2018

Pozivamo sve zainteresovane volontere da budu deo ovogodišnjeg jubilarnog 5. Internacionalnog festivala kamerne muzike Convivium Musicum koji će se održati od 25. do 28. septembra 2018. godine u Kragujevcu. Ukoliko volite klasičnu muziku, druženje, nova poznanstva i želite da učestvujete u organizaciji i relizaciji kulturne manifestacije popunite upitnik za volontere koji se nalazi na ovoj stranici. Prijava za volontere traje… Read More →


Virtuosity, sensibility and stylish refinement of Duo Aliada

In the course of the Concert Season “Convivium Musicum 17/18”, on May 6th at the Old Assembly, Duo Aliada was presented to the audience in Kragujevac. The Wiener Musikverein said it best “Duo Aliada consists of two ‘outstandingly talented and creative musicians’, namely saxophonist Michał Knot and accordionist Bogdan Laketic”. As a Grand Prix winner at the Fidelio Wettbewerb in Vienna and the “Artist of the Year 2014” prize, sponsored by HFP Steuerberater Wien, Duo Aliada became an integral part of the repertoire at the most important concert halls from New York’s Carnegie Hall to St. Petersburg. Read More →


A great performance by 48th IJMC award-winning competitors

Professional music audience, but also passionate music lovers, are always eagerly awaiting some kind of “exclusive” from the world of music. One such “exclusive” was performed on 31th of March at the National Museum Gallery in Kragujevac. The seventh concert of season “Convivium Musicum 17/18” was tied to the prestigious Musical Youth Competition in Belgrade. Only one day after the end of the 48th International Jeunesses Musicales Competition – Belgrade at Kolarac, Kragujevac had the opportunity to hear the winner of the competition in this year’s discipline – guitar. Read More →


Winner of 48th IJMC is performing in Kragujevac

At the next concert of the “Convivium Musicum 17/18” season, on Saturday, March 31th at the National Museum Gallery, at 20 h, we will host the winner of the 48th International Jeunesses Musicales Competition – Belgrade. The competition will be held from March 21st to March 30th, and the day after its completion, the Kragujevac will have the opportunity and honour, after the Belgrade audience, to hear this year’s winner in the discipline: guitar. Read More →

Koncert Evgenija Jeremic (19)

Great applause from Kragujevac audience for Evgenija Jeremic

Kragujevac audience finally got the opportunity to attend the full-length concert of the young Kragujevac artist, Evgenija Jeremić (soprano). This by age is young, but by professionalism and artistic skills already mature artist, gave the performance that made night for remembering. The National Museum Gallery was not large enough to comfortably welcome all those who came to hear her on this occasion. Read More →

Evgenija Jeremic

Evgenija Jeremic from Kragujevac is performing in March

During the concert season “Convivium Musicum 17/18” we have the opportunity to host a large number of outstanding artists. We are proud of all the great performers who participate in our event, and pride is always a bit higher when one of our many successful fellow citizens performs at the concert. On Tuesday, March 13, 2018, we will listen to the outstanding young artist Evgenija Jeremic. Read More →

Koncert ICstrings (23)

Passionate performance of the ICstrings ensemble in Kragujevac

ICstrings is a duo that consists of two young, and at the same time – so mature artists. Caroline Busser, a cellist of French-German origin, and Ivan Knezevic, a violinist from Serbia, already reached their momentous career in early thirties, which could be envied by their much older colleagues. Finding their own path, style and finding each other, Karolin Buser and Ivan Knezevic decided to create ICstrings and, mainly, leave behind what they had done so far in the chamber ensembles. Read More →