Masterclass – Valery Sigalevitch

Distinguished pianist and pedagogue Valeriy Sigalevitch, held a master class for piano in Kragujevac from 12th to 21th May 2017, organized by the Citizens Association “CONVIVIUM MUSICUM” and the Faculty of Philology and Art. This exceptional Russian pianist, who currently lives and works in France, always visits Kragujevac with great pleasure – a city where he lived short-time and perfected his pedagogical competence, working as a piano professor at the music school “Dr Miloje Milojevic”. Read More →

Collegium Musicum Maj

Choir “Collegium Musicum” performed at the closing of season

To listen to the “Collegium Musicum” is always a special pleasure. It’s the type of concert from wich the audience goes with a smile. At first sight, this non-binding conclusion is actually touching the very essence of every art, and music – that is, to enrich the man. Since its creation in 1971, “Collegium Musicum” has set high professional goals as the academic choir of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. These goals have been overcome over decades and they have become synonym for the professional choir in Serbia. For this reason, the audience knows that from this choir they can expect only a top-notch listen experience, and that is why they are happily going to their concerts. Read More →

pre-art April

pre-art soloists performed at eighth concert of season

Musical ensemble pre-art from Switzerland is composed of outstanding soloist (Boris Previsic – flute, Matias Arter-oboe, lupofon, Rafael Kamenis – saxophone, Vladimir Blagojevic – accordion, Gilles Grimaitre – piano, Tobias Moster – cello and Alexander Gábris – double bass). On 10th April 2017, in the Hall of the first Kragujevac Gymnasium, they performed and staged an evening for Kragujevac audience to remember. At this innovative, interesting and demanding concert (for performers and audience), Kragujevac has finally been able to hear the music of contemporary composers, with special musical “delicacies” such as pieces that were composed specifically for this unusual ensemble – compositions Stephen Wirth Places and the work of Vinko Globokar Septet for 13 sources. Read More →


Masterclass pre-art soloists

Often it happens that renowned artists of music hold a master class just before a performance in that city. This can be a great incentive for them, but also for participants themselves who have the opportunity to exchange experience with experts, get informed about the current happenings in that area, pay attention to the finest details during the play. Read More →


Convivium Musicum 2017 – Closing ceremony

The closing ceremony of the 4th International Festival of Convivium Musicum was marked by a yearning, but at the same time powerful sound of the cello. Kragujevac’s audience had the pleasure to enjoy playing of the magnificent Detmold cello ensemble. This unique ensemble is made by ten excellent cellists from different parts of Europe (Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Belgium and Serbia). Their artistic director is our renowned cellist Mladen Miloradovic, who arranged existing compositions for cello ensemble. Read More →


Convivium Musicum 2017 – Third day

All known terminology, technical explanations and studies are not sufficient to explain the magic of chamber music of Johannes Brahms. That magic, that is impossible to present with words, Kragujevac’s audience experienced on the third evening of the International festival of chamber music Convivium Musicum. Every year, one concert is dedicated to the Festival’s ensemble that brings together musicians exclusively for the performance at the Festival. This year, the ensemble consisted of exceptional performers – Evenos string quartet, which presented itself to the audience the second night of the festival, and the celebrated pianist Boris Kraljevic. Read More →


Convivium Musicum 2017 – Second day

The second night of the 4th International festival of chamber music Convivium Musicum, was in the spirit of string quartets of two composers who have made immeasurable contribution to this genre of music – Beethoven and Shostakovich. Evenos String Quartet, which consists of young musicians from Greece, Belgium and Serbia (Ivan Knezevic – violin, Ioannis Petrakis – violin , Odysseas Lavaris – viola and Mathieu Jocqué – cello) gave to Kragujevac’s large audience deeply mature performance of these complex pieces. Read More →


Grand opening of the Festival 2017

Last night, at the Hall of First Kragujevac Gymnasium, we officially opened the 4th international festival of chamber music Convivium Musicum. Energetically, rhythmically and with the sounds of many percussion instruments, Duo Belgrade Percussionists presented itself to the audience on the first night of the Festival. Ensemble is formed by our famous percussionists Srđan Palackovic and Ivan Marjanovic. Read More →