Koncertna sezona Convivium Musicum '19 (tamnije dirke)

The ensemble Convivium Musicum opens the season

The third edition of the Concert Season begins symbolically. At the opening of the event, on Wednesday, February 13th, 2019, the ensemble Convivium Musicum will perform.

The ensemble Convivium Musicum differs from others in the concept and idea. Domestic and foreign artists who did not appear together on the scene ever before are gathering under the name of our season, after only a few days of joint rehearsals and preparations, and premiering perform pieces chosen by our artistic director. Read More →


Interview with ensemble Les Nounours

Trio Les Nounours is a new ensemble on the scene of art music in Serbia, composed by Teodor Ikanovic (violin), Srdjan Paunovic (saxophone) and Kosta Knezevic (piano). The ensemble was founded with the idea of associating individual qualities, in search for the sound that is very rare for our country, but also rare in the world. The relatively modest original repertoire for violin, saxophone and piano (which confirms the rarity of this form) is expanded by the members of the ensemble, to be exact by their own adaptations of the pearls of chamber music. Read More →


Interview with pianist Stevan Spalevic

About the performance, the challenges that the ensemble made by percussion and piano brings, as well as art and music, we talked with pianist Stevan Spalevic.
The interview was led by Aleksandra Lukic, a student of Master Studies at the Department of Music in the Media (FILUM) and the volunteer of our manifestation. Read More →

PLAKAT CM 13. novembar

We continue Concert season with sounds of piano and percussions

We continue the Concert season „Convivium Musicum“ in line with our constant goal and desire to present to the audience in Kragujevac the ensembles and works that are rarely heard on our music scene. At the concert that will be held on Tuesday, November 13th, there will be two exceptional duets – a pair of percussions and a piano duo.

The duo of percussionists consists of Srdjan Palackovic – a great percussionist, professor at music academies in Novi Sad and Belgrade, a performer behind which there is a rich soloist, chamber and orchestral career, and Nevena Djordjevic – a young rising artist who can already boast of numerous performances and successes. Members of the piano duo are Stevan Spalevic and Nemanja Egeric, pianists who perform together from 2015 in an ensemble called Stevan Nemanja. Read More →

PLAKAT CM Akademski hor Obilic

With concert of the choir “Obilić” the Concert season continues

After the successful Festival, we continue the Concert Season „Convivium Musicum“. On Saturday, October 27t, at the scene of the First Kragujevac Gymnasium Academic Choir “Obilić” AKUD University of Belgrade “Branko Krsmanović” will be presented.

The Academic Choir „Obilić“ was founded in 1884 at the University of Belgrade. So far the conductors were some of the greatest ones from the domestic art scene, such as Josif Marinkovic, Jovan Bandur, and the eminent professor Darinka Matic Marovic, who led the choir from 1981. Read More →


Closing of the fifth Festival

The final concert of this year’s International Festival of chamber music Convivium Musicum rounded off in the best possible way the fifth edition of the Festival, as well as the idea behind this unique music festivity in Kragujevac. It was also symbolic – the first jubilee, the fifth year of existence – marked by the Piano Ensemble 5+. This unusual composition consists of five pianists from Serbia: Julija Bal, Jelena Bajic, Jovana Radovanovic, Stevan Spalevic and Nemanja Egeric. They are all excellent artists and pedagogues, and they had numerous and successful performances across Serbia and the world, as well as a large number of awards and recognitions. Their outstanding performance on the piano, as it was announced, was presented in various forms of piano ensembles. This concert completely separated itself from the other concerts of the Festival and the concert offer in Kragujevac. Read More →


New lineup of Festival’s ensemble wowed the audience

The specialty and significance behind the concept of the Festival ensemble Convivium Musicum came to the third concert of the Festival in full glory. The idea of artists, that have not previously performed together, which in just a few days make a full-length program, has proven to be especially interesting to both performers and the audience this time. João Paiva from Portugal – clarinet, Morta Grigaliūnaitė from Lithuania – piano and Filip Tomic from Serbia – cello, have proven that great professionalism always results in an exceptional concert. These young artists have long proven themselves as top soloists. At last night’s concert, they demonstrated the power of chamber music – the power of communication between artists and instruments, and simultaneously highlighting each instrument separately. Read More →