6th International festival of chamber Music Convivium Musicum

viber_slika_2019-08-19_23-01-33We have the greatest pleasure to announce, for the sixth time in a row, an event during which we every year celebrate chamber music. This year, our music festivity – 6th International festival of chamber Music Convivium Musicum – will take place from September 10th to 13th.

In addition to celebrating chamber music, we present great performers, various ensembles and outstanding works by famous composers. Along with that, during each Festival, we strive to highlight certain instruments and their place in the chamber music. On this occasion, we will take a look at the instruments that have governed chamber music since its inception. We dedicated the sixth edition of the Festival to the instrumental “royal family” – string instruments.

Since 2016, we have also enriched the event with a special concert and performance by the Festival Ensemble. This ensemble was created with the desire to bring together artists who have never had the opportunity to perform together on stage. For the first time at our Festival, they play under the same name – Convivium Musicum, but with different line up and performing new works each year, selected by our Artistic Director. In the past years, the concerts of the Festival Ensemble were especially emphasized by the audience as the most successful and interesting, which is why this year’s Festival contains three concerts of this type.

The sixth edition of the Festival features:

10.9. – Piano Quartet ANIMATO (Serbia)
11.9. – Festival Ensembles CONVIVIUM MUSICUM:
Cello duo and violin-cello duo (Poland, Serbia)
12.9. – Festival Ensembles CONVIVIUM MUSICUM:
String Trio and String Quartet (Poland, Ukraine, Serbia)
13.9. – Festival Ensemble CONVIVIUM MUSICUM:
String Quintet (Poland, Ukraine, Serbia)

We believe that the exceptional musicians who appear on stage, with the performance of impressive pieces of chamber music, will capture the likes of our loyal audience and all those who join us during the four festival days.

Like every year, we are extremely grateful to all those with whose support and assistance the Festival is being held. The City of Kragujevac contributed significantly to the realization of this project by providing part of the funds for its co-financing. Support was provided by the Polish “Adam Mickiewicz Institute”, as well as our continuing friends and associates Faculty of Philology and Arts, Music School “Dr. Miloje Milojevic”, Music Centre Kragujevac, Music Youth of Kragujevac and others.

The festival is held in the Hall of the First Kragujevac Gymnasium, all concerts begin at 20 h and entrance is free. Welcome!

Author and translation: Ljubica Guzvic