About us

Citizens Association “CONVIVIUM MUSICUM” * was founded in January 2015 as a non-profit association which aims to enrich the cultural life of the city of Kragujevac, the region of Sumadija and Serbia, through unique projects. The Association is engaged in the organization of following artistic activities: the promotion of culture and classical music, the affirmation of young artists, the achievement of international cooperation for the purpose of exchanging cultural and artistic achievements and promoting Serbian art abroad. Members of the Association are young enthusiasts, already accomplished in their fields of activity, as well as prominent professionals.
The Association has achieved excellent and already continuous cooperation with the City of Kragujevac, Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia, Faculty of Philology and Art in Kragujevac, Music school Miloje Milojevic, Music Center in Kragujevac, Student Cultural Center, electronic and print media, internet portals, the Austrian Cultural Center, the Italian Institute of Culture, as well as many other institutions, sponsors, domestic and foreign artists. An intensive and productive cooperation with the Faculty of Philology and Art, Association formalized by the Cooperation Agreement, which implies joint work on various projects, the maintenance of student practice for students from the Department of Music in the Media.
Since its establishment, the Association has been standing for many years behind successful realization of the International festival of chamber music Convivium Musicum. In addition to the Festival, since September 2016, the Association is the organizer of Concert season “Convivium Musicum”. The ambition of the Association strives further from the Festival and Concert season, so one of its activities is organization of educational events such as seminars and lectures. In future, projects are planned in the field of culture that will have a humanitarian and inclusive character.
* Convivium Musicum – lat. Celebration (banquet, party) of music


About the Festival

The International festival of chamber music Convivium Musicum was founded in 2014 with the goal of enriching the musical scene of Serbia with a new and unique musical event.
Program of the Festival is based on the idea to present to the audience, every spring, different forms of chamber ensembles that are not often represented on Serbian music scene. Brilliant chamber ensembles, which are carefully chosen each year, will present to the festival audience magnificent work of great composers rarely heard in our country.
Our ambition is to bring brilliant artists from abroad, to promote already existing ensembles from Serbia, as well as to encourage creating of new non standard chamber ensembles. One of our visions is also to give an impulse to young, domestic composers to compose peaces for chamber ensembles. With all stated, we are very motivated to present to professional audience and classical music lovers, music event of high quality, to bring chamber music closer to new listeners and elevate culture of the city, region and Serbia to a higher level.From 2016 we expanded the program to four festival evenings and enriched it with a special concert, featuring our Festival ensemble “Convivium Musicum”. The idea behind the creation of this ensemble is to connect artists who have not performed together. Each year, premier for our Festival, they will play under the same name, but in different forms of the chamber ensemble and perform the works chosen by our artistic director.
We are very proud of previously held festivals and the fact that, beside performers from Serbia we had the opportunity to host artists from different countries such as Montenegro, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Finland, Italy, Greece, Chile, Peru, New Zealand, Singapore, China.
In years to come, we will continue to realize our goals , with same and even greater passion, and we believe that the combination of high level performance of our guests and faithful and new audience will contribute that Festival Convivium Musicum becomes one of the most important and visited festivals in our region.


About the Concert season

Following the example of the world metropolis and their cultural scene, Association organized the Concert season “Convivium Musicum 16/17” for the first time in September 2016. The idea was born after three successful Festivals, the positive impressions of the performers and wishes and needs that audience expressed for an even greater number of quality concerts of classical music. The event is designed so that from September, every month concerts are held regularly, thus providing a fresh breath of art and culture to the professional audience and fans of classical music.
Visitors of the Concert season will have the opportunity to enjoy performances of well-known works of classical literature and to get acquainted with new achievements of domestic and foreign composers. Through interpretations of world-renowned and recognized soloists and ensembles, the audience will be directly acquainted with modern currents of classical music. In addition to the performers from Serbia, we had guest performers from countries such as Ukraine, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, France, Germany, Singapore and China.
Our goal is that this event, like the Festival, stands successfully on the music scene of the city, the region and the country, and that the name Convivium Musicum is a synonym for quality, culture, diversity, uniqueness and a true musical pleasantness.


About seminars and lectures

Providing opportunities for young people to hear outstanding artists and to become acquainted with world music currents is an important factor in their education and one of the most important goals of our manifestations.
Working with students of the Faculty of Philology and Arts in Kragujevac, we realized that the desire for new knowledge and experiences in their field of study is always present. As the members of the Association are graduates of music faculties and academies themselves, we are aware of the need and importance of seminars and lectures. Our aim is to introduce students, pupils, and their professors with renowned domestic and foreign music pedagogues and artists, who will share their wide knowledge with them and thus positively influence their education in the field of music.
It is our great pleasure to act in this field and to help even more the education of new generations and participate in raising culture in Serbia.


(Author and translator in English: Lj. Guzvic)