Camerata Academica performs at 5th concert of season

CM '19 Camerata Academica PlakatAfter a short summer break and successfully completed 6th International festival of chamber music, we are back to the Concert season “Convivium Musicum ’19”. In the second half of the season we will host extraordinary ensembles and exceptional domestic performers. The first concert this fall, and the fifth in the season, will feature one of the most recognized orchestras in Serbia – Camerata Academica from Novi Sad.

Chamber Orchestra Camerata Academica was founded in 1988 at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. The members of the orchestra are the best artists of the Academy – aprofessors, assistant professors and the most talented students. Under the guidance of cellist Istvan Varga, the orchestra successfully performed throughout the then Yugoslavia as well as abroad, until 1999, when the ensemble ceased to exist due to the circumstances in the state. In 2007, at the initiative of young cellist Marko Miletic, the orchestra was rebuilt and has since continued its successful journey. Now, as during its first period of existence, Camerata records numerous and notable concerts. The ensemble performs with renowned artists such as Stefan Milenkovic, Roman Simovic, Julia Hartig and others, performing great music by both world composers and local authors.

At a concert in Kragujevac, Camerata Academica will perform:

  • J. S. Bach – Das Alte Jahr vergangen ist – Ich ruf’ zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ
  • D. Shostakovich – Chamber Symphony in C minor, Op. 110a
  • P. Vasks – Dolorosa Musica
  • J. S. Bach – Die Kunst der Fuge

We invite all fellow citizens not to miss the performance of the ensemble for which Roman Simovic, concert-master of the London Symphony Orchestra, said: “This is without a doubt the best orchestra in the country (Serbia)”.
The concert is held on Thursday, October 10, in the Hall of the First Kragujevac Gymnasium, starting at 20 h, and admission is free. The realization of the concert and the season was made possible by our long time associates. The City of Kragujevac contributed significantly to the realization of this project by providing part of the funds for its co-financing, and support was provided by the Faculty of Philology and Arts, Music Centre Kragujevac, Music Youth of Kragujevac, and other friends of the event.

Author and translation: Ljubica Guzvic

You can learn more about the ensemble Camerata Academica below:

Biography: ensemble Camerata Academica

 Camerata Academicakamerata 1 is a professional chamber ensemble within the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, founded in 1988. Members of the orchestra are the best young musicians of the Academy of Arts – professors, assistant professors and the most talented students. Some of the former Camerata members are now distinguished soloists and members of prestigious European orchestras (Julija Hartig, Pedja Milosavljevic, Dejan Bogdanovic, Zorica Stanojevic and many others).
Camerata Academica has collaborated with many local and international high-profile soloists. Under the artistic direction of cellist Istvan Varga, orchestra has performed in all major cities of the former Yugoslavia, performed successfully in Germany (Dortmund) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and participated at major music festivals (BEMUS , NOMUS, Ohrid Summer, Composers International Panel, Budva City Theater …). The ensemble also made a number of permanent radio and television recordings. Camerata has always performed works by domestic composers in its repertoire. The orchestra successfully operated until the end of 1999 when, unfortunately, due to the situation in the state, it ceases to exist.
At the end of 2007, at the initiative of cellist Marko Miletic, the orchestra was rebuilt. Performing the most beautiful and demanding works of the classical repertoire, as well as works of domestic composers, Camerata records numerous successes in performing with distinguished soloists (Stefan Milenkovic, Roman Simovic, Wendy Warner, Dragan Djordjevic, Dejan Mladenovic, Imre Kalman, Pedja Milosavljevic, Bastijan Lipovsek, Julia Hartig…) across the country, but also on two tours in Slovenia. The ensemble receives great reviews that always emphasize the beauty of the tone and striking expression. “In addition to great musicality and enthusiasm, what sets this ensemble apart, and classifies it into a very special category of musical ensembles is the enormous love and dedication that musicians indulge in playing and in music itself, which is a quality that is not met today very often, in the scale of European renowned orchestras” wrote our renowned composer and academic Isidora Zebeljan about Camerata. “This is without a doubt the best orchestra in the country,” said Roman Simovic, concert-master of the London Symphony Orchestra. Shortly after its re-founding, RTV Vojvodina offers the orchestra the possibility of studio recording of each performed piece.