Choir “Collegium Musicum” performed at the closing of season

Collegium Musicum MajTo listen to the “Collegium Musicum” is always a special pleasure. It’s the type of concert from wich the audience goes with a smile. At first sight, this non-binding conclusion is actually touching the very essence of every art, and music – that is, to enrich the man. Since its creation in 1971, “Collegium Musicum” has set high professional goals as the academic choir of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. These goals have been overcome over decades and they have become synonym for the professional choir in Serbia. For this reason, the audience knows that from this choir they can expect only a top-notch listen experience, and that is why they are happily going to their concerts. With the perfect performance of a very diverse program (from the spiritual music of Rachmaninoff to the secular music of contemporary Serbian composers) under the guidance of energetic Dragana Jovanovic, they always, like on May 13 in Kragujevac, adorn the sincere emotions that are obvious on the scene. “Collegium Musicum” has accustomed audience to a high level below which they never go. That is so rare in today’s Serbia. And for that reason, in addition to pure intonation, beautiful scenic movements and fantastic quiet sections, to us – the audience, it was important that we rejoiced with them and left the First Kragujevac gymnasium a little bit noble. We wonder – is there really an artistic goal that they have not achieved in these decades?

Author: A. Lazarevic, Translation: Lj. Guzvic
Photo: M. Dasic