Closing of the 8th Festival

We closed the 8th International festival of chamber music Convivium Musicum last night in the Hall of the First Kragujevac Gymnasium. Before the concert, Anja Lazarević Kocić, a member of the organizing team, in a short recapitulation of this year’s Festival, thanked the audience, performers and all institutions that helped hold the Festival in these, not so bright circumstances.
The closing of this year’s Festival was marked by two significant works of the Romantic era – Piano Quartet in C minor no. 3, op. 60 by Johannes Brahms and Robert Schuman’s Piano Quintet E flat Major, Op. 44, performed by the Festival ensembles Convivium Musicum: Morta Grigaliunaite – piano (Lithuania), Tijana Milaković – violin (Serbia), Mina Dinić – violin (Serbia), Jana Stojanović – viola (Serbia) and Filip Tomić – cello (Serbia).
In Piano Quartet in C minor, no. 3, op. 60 by Johannes Brahms (also known as the Werther Quartet), based on Goethe’s famous work The Sorrows of Young Werther, general romantic principles are read – overemphasis of mental states and transition from one emotional extreme to another in which a freer flow and wider outlines of melodic lines reflect agitated feelings. It is this world full of passionate charges and emotions, the members of the Festival Ensemble Convivium Musicum managed to convey to us in the right way. Combined in expressing a unique idea, with a great dramaturgical rise that led from the beginning to the end of the work, the performers showed all the expressiveness, eloquence and experience that is necessary for any good ensemble. In Schumann’s Piano Quintet Op. 44, in E flat Major, the composer’s intimate connection with the piano emerges, and the interpretation of the pianist Morta Grigaliunaite showed in the best possible way all the content and figuration entrusted to this instrument. The whole ensemble did not waver in nuancing every tone and building mutual dialogues, especially in developed phrases.
This year’s Festival ended with an exceptional performance of young artists who showed professionalism and harmony, and with their interactive skills conveyed the contents and general messages of the work in the right way. We hope that the next Festival, in a similar way, will meet our expectations.

Author of the text: Katarina Lazarević Sretenović
Translation: Ljubica Gužvić
Photo: Marko Dašić