Closing of the fifth Festival

The final concert of this year’s International Festival of chamber music Convivium Musicum rounded off in the best possible way the fifth edition of the Festival, as well as the idea behind this unique music festivity in Kragujevac. It was also symbolic – the first jubilee, the fifth year of existence – marked by the Piano Ensemble 5+. This unusual composition consists of five pianists from Serbia: Julija Bal, Jelena Bajic, Jovana Radovanovic, Stevan Spalevic and Nemanja Egeric. They are all excellent artists and pedagogues, and they had numerous and successful performances across Serbia and the world, as well as a large number of awards and recognitions. Their outstanding performance on the piano, as it was announced, was presented in various forms of piano ensembles. This concert completely separated itself from the other concerts of the Festival and the concert offer in Kragujevac.
The audience had the honour to attend the creation of magic on the scene. The magic took place on several levels – from the organization, which meant “creating” an adequate space for such a concert (which Kragujevac, the first capital of Serbia and the University centre still does not have) to an overwhelming audience at the very end of the concert. Of course, the greatest magic was created by the artists themselves. Each of them is a separate story. When they function in an ensemble, their mutual understanding and long cooperation go to the forefront. Ensemble 5 + is composed of two piano duos – one of them is Julia Bal and Jelena Bajic, the other – Nemanja Egeric and Stevan Spalevic, and there is also Jovana Radovanovic from Kragujevac. Three pianos on stage, pianists and extremely attractive program have resulted in perhaps the most successful concert of this year’s Festival.
After the warm thanks from the entire organizational team to the audience and friends of the Festival, Julija Bal and Jelena Bajic came out first, performing on one piano Suite from ballet Nutcracker by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Then Stevan Spalevic and Nemanja Egeric played the first part from the ballet The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky on two pianos. This duo then got reinforcements on stage – the pianist Jovan Radovanovic, and as a piano trio with the percussions, at which young Goran Biro performed, played Ravel Bolero in the arrangement for three pianos. Afterwards, the audience was relaxed with the sounds of the famous Lavignac’s Galop-marche a huit mains, in the performance of Nemanja, Stevan, Jovana and Julia. At the end, Jelena Bajic joined them, as well as guests: Goran Biro, Children’s Choir Mali Liceum and Luka Zlatanovic. All together they performed an extraordinary arrangement of Pink Floyd’s the cult song Another brick in the wall, which was arranged by Julia Bal for three pianos, percussions and children’s choir.
Long applause and satisfied faces of the audience spoke for themselves. Superior art and artists always find the right path to those who like to listen and follow them. The jubilee is finished as it fits – with a small spectacle. Let’s hope that the way to the next anniversary of this Festival will be easier and equally successful!

Author: Anja Lazarevic Kocic
Translation: Ljubica Guzvic
Photo: Milos Dasic