CS 17/18

Concert season 2017/2018

Koncert ICstrings (23)

Passionate performance of the ICstrings ensemble in Kragujevac

ICstrings is a duo that consists of two young, and at the same time – so mature artists. Caroline Busser, a cellist of French-German origin, and Ivan Knezevic, a violinist from Serbia, already reached their momentous career in early thirties, which could be envied by their much older colleagues. Finding their own path, style and finding each other, Karolin Buser and Ivan Knezevic decided to create ICstrings and, mainly, leave behind what they had done so far in the chamber ensembles. Read More →

Koncert LP Duo (18)

Perfect performance of LP Duo was delite for audience

The successful year 2017 of the concert season 2017/2018, Convivium Musicum has accompanied suitable- with the concert that best circled this year and all that the professional team of the association advocates. It’s hard to find the right words and briefly explain the LP Duo. Outstanding pianists who have been performing together since 2004, winners of many prestigious awards and recognitions for their work, raw professionals from whom “shines” love for what they do, both on the scene and off it. They are pedagogues and artists, in full sense of those words, that move the borders of pianism and idea about what is actually a piano duo. Read More →

LP Duo

The magic of LP Duo is magnificently ending year 2017

The fourth concert of the “Convivium Musicum 17/18” season, also the last in 2017, will be held on Wednesday, December 20th, at the Hall of First Kragujevac Gymnasium, starting at 20 h. We will say farewell to the year in a great way, with an always exciting performance by LP Duo.
LP Duo consists of Sonja Lončar and Andrija Pavlović, top young pianists and prominent pedagogues at the academies in Belgrade and Novi Sad. Read More →

Koncertna sezona-Kamerni trio (14)

The new chamber trio was introduced to the Kragujevac audience

The Chamber Trio, for now without a specific name, held a very specific concert within the concert season “Convivium Musicum 17/18”, on November 29th, 2017, in the Grand Hall of the First Kragujevac Gymnasium. This trio, which has been playing together for only a few months, is composed of our prominent soloists and professors who have come together in a common love of chamber music and the joy of joint playing. Read More →


Vladimir Blagojevic presented an exceptional concert to Kragujevac

On October 25, during the concert season “Convivium Musicum 17/18”, the Kragujevac audience had the opportunity to attend an exceptional concert of accordionist Vladimir Blagojevic. This Kragujevac born artist, with world career, admits himself that it is difficult to play in native city. Maybe because of that, he gave us one of the most interesting concerts in the current year. Read More →


Vladimir Blagojevic will perform at second concert of the season

Concert season “Convivium Musicum 17/18” continues with the attractive and magnetic sound of the accordion. On Wednesday, October 25th, in the Hall of the First Kragujevac Gymnasium, an outstanding artist and our fellow citizen Vladimir Blagojevic will perform.
Vladimir Blagojevic started musical education in his native Kragujevac, and he has mastered it at the Bern University of the Arts. His rich biography is filled with numerous awards at domestic and international competitions, performances around the world at renowned concert podiums and collaborations with top artists. Read More →


Pavel Kachnov opened the season with an exceptional concert

The Concert season “Convivium Musicum 17/18” was opened on 5th September with the concert of pianist Pavel Kachnov in the hall of the First Kragujevac Gymnasium. The audience was presented to a remarkable pianist with a prestigious international career who has been crowning first prizes at major contests around the world, including the first prize of the audience at the International Competition in Lyon this year. Although he belongs to the younger generation, Pavel Kachnov with the absolute maturity in the approach to the interpretation of piano compositions, gives an impression of artists with an enormous stage presence and experience. Read More →


Pavel Kachnov is opening Concert season

The Concert season “Convivium Musicum 17/18” starts on Tuesday, September 5, 2017. Successful young pianist Pavel Kachnov will perform at the opening ceremony in the hall of the First Kragujevac Gymnasium from 20h.

Pavel Kachnov is born in Ukraine, and to Kragujevac he will come from one of the world’s capitols of classical music, Vienna, where he works as a professor at the prestigious Prayner Conservatory. He has built a very successful career of a concert pianist. As a soloist, with orchestras and as a member of chamber ensembles he performed all over the world. Also, he has won a significant number of awards at prominent international pianist competitions. Read More →