Convivium Musicum 2016 – Third day

The third evening of the Third international festival of chamber music Convivium Musicum passed under the sign of excitement and anticipation. Audience in Kragujevac attended the premiere performance of the festival’s chamber ensemble “Convivium Musicum”. This novelty, which was designed by the organizers of the festival proved to be an excellent idea. From now on, every year, the festival will bring together new compositions and prepare a special program for Kragujevac. Packed Hall of First Kragujevac gymnasium and a good atmosphere among the performers, that was visible on the scene, are evidence that professionally implemented good ideas always get results. Musicians played with a lot of passion and temper the demanding Brahms’ Piano Quartet in A Major. ” Brahms broad lyrical themes, as well as the powerful virtuoso passages came to the expression with outstanding dynamic tinting of all performers. A long and thunderous applause is the best confirmation of this successful concert.