ENSEMBLE LID is playing at the opening of this year’s Festival

The ensemble LID will, on Monday 14th March 2016, open this year’s Third international festival of chamber music Convivum Musicum. Members of this trio are distinguished artists and eminent professors of the Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade: Ljudmila Gross-Popović – soprano, Igor Lazić – horn and Dejan Subotić – piano. For the audience of the Festival they will perform the following program:

  • C. Debussy:
    • Romance
    • Bells
    • Flower field
    • Lovely evening
    • Dolls
  • J. Massenet:
    • Elegy and Blessed Love
  • R. Glière:
    • Sad Waltz
  • M. Hippolyte-Ivanov:
    • Five Japanese songs
  • M. Hippolyte-Ivanov:
    • Hands will approach to hands
    • Do not leave without saying goodbye to me
    • My friend, here is a flower
  • R. Glière:
    • Nocturne
  • R. Glière:
    • Oh, if my grief …
    • The night is coming
    • We’ll live-live!


You can learn more about the artists of the Ensemble LID:

Biography: Ljudmila Gross-Popović

Slika - LJudmila_slika_bez_tekstaLjudmila Gross – Popovic was born in Kemerovo (Russia) and schooled on best traditions of Russian school.

She graduated conducting with Russian national artist professor B. Pevzner and got master degree in solo singing with Russian national artist R. Zurkova at Novosibirsk state conservatorium “Glinka”.

From 1981 to 1987 she was a soloist of chamber choir of Novosibirsk philharmonic. At that time already she has proven herself as great concert singer, interpreter of lid and solo parts in vocal-instrumental compositions. As soloist of chamber choir she traveled all around Soviet Union, performing at greatest concert halls and famous conductors (Fedoseyev, Minin, Dudarova, Sandeckis, Gorinstajn, Kac, Spiller…). She recorded two LP records for record label “Melodia”.

From 1988 Ljudmila Gross-Popovic is living in Belgrade. She performed as a soloist with RTS choir and orchestra, Belgrade philharmonic, Chamber orchestra “Skovran” and orchestra Strings “St. George”. She was also a member and soloist of ensemble “Renesans”.

Her very noticeable performances are permanently recorded at video and audio archives of RTS.

She toured at large number of European countries, such as: Spain, Austria, Greece, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria. Also, she collaborated with distinguish conductors and musicians, such as: A Katz, I. Spiller, M. Gorenstein, V. Raymond, V. Minin, M. Jagust, V. Kranjčević, L. Keller, B. Suđić, N. Trul, V. Afanasyev, O. Đurđević, Z. Cvetković .

Ljudmila Gross – Popovic is a full-time professor in the Department of Chamber Music of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade and a visiting professor in the Department of solo singing. She has taught singing at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Biography: Igor Lazić

Slika - Igor LazicIgor Lazic was born in 1987 in Belgrade. He began playing horn at the age of ten in the class of professor Zoran Mrdjenovic. He studied with professor Stjepan Rabuzin at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. He continued his studies at the Hochschule für Musik in Trossingen (Germany) with professor Francis Orval, where he completed the highest level of studies in the field of music (solistische ausbildung). In 2005 he got his master’s degree at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade.

From 2001 to 2011 he was the soloist at Belgrade philharmonics. He is currently working as docent at the Department of Chamber Music of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade.

He has participated as a member of numerous chamber ensembles, such as the Brass Ensemble of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, Belgrade horn quartet, Trossingen Brassquintet, Poulenc Blaeserquintet, Isang Yun ensemble (Ensemble of New Music), Ensemble” Altemusik “(Early Music Ensemble). In year 2001 he participated in a summer tour of Gustav Mahler Jugend Orchester, under the baton of Ivan Fisher and Franz Welser Moest. From 1995, he performs as a soloist with chamber and symphony orchestras in Serbia and internationally.

Biography: Dejan Subotić

Slika - Dejan SuboticDejan Subotic studied piano with Andrea Preger, Andrea Inhofe and Nevena Popovic, in whose class he got a master’s degree at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. After that, he graduated with a master’s degree in harpsichord, class of professor Zorica Ćetković, and completed doctoral studies in the field of chamber music.

As a fellow of the European Commission, he studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm (Department for Chamber Music in Edsberg, Professor Mats Seterkvist). He was an active participant in master classes of piano, harpsichord and chamber music with Peter Lenerberga, Borbola Dobozy, Peter Dirks, Konstantin Bogino, Sijavuš Gadžijev, Boris Previsic.

He won the Piano Competition in Rome and competition Kawai in Italy. Subotic was performer at many festivals, such as the International stand of Composers, Days of Mokranjac, OKTOH, Harp Festival, Classic fest and Ars vivendi clavicembalum. As a member of trio Singidunum, with Stana Krstaic and Ksenija Milosevic, he premiered large number of works of foreign and Serbian composers. With Tea Dimitrijevic, as member of piano duo, he integrally performed piano works by Debussy and Satie for four hands. Their recording of Schumann works aired in September 2011 on the radio BBC3. Duo is the winner of the Silver Medal of the University of Arts in Belgrade in 2012. Dejan Subotic represented Faculty of music at the master-class of baroque and contemporary music in Dubrovnik. In past few years, collaborating with distinguished Belgrade musicians, he held concerts of contemporary music at halls of Belgrade philharmonics and City Assembly. He has performed as a soloist and member of chamber ensembles in concerts during the celebration of the centenary of the birth of Ljubica Maric and the Jubilee of Institute of Musicology SANU. As a soloist with orchestra he performed works of Bach, Marten and De Falla. He collaborated with chamber orchestras Strings of St. George and Dusan Skovran, as well with Belgrade philharmonics and RTS Symphony orchestra. He performed in Austria, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia and the Czech Republic.

He works as an associate professor at the Department of Chamber Music at the Music Academy in Belgrade.