Ensemble Quattro Temperamenti will open the Jubilee Festival

On Tuesday, September 25th, the 5th International Festival of Chamber Music Convivium Musicum starts. The Jubilee edition of the Festival will open an attractive sound of saxophone and temperament performance of Quattro Temperamenti ensemble.
Members of chamber ensemble Quattro Temperamenti are: Srdjan Paunovic – soprano saxophone, Nikola Macura – alto saxophone, Lovro Livajic – tenor saxophone and Filip Orlovic – baritone saxophone. All four were educated by famous professors of saxophone Gordan Tudor and Gabriel Bunford, while as quartet they gathered in the class of Timea Kalmar. During the four years since the founding (2014), young saxophonists showed great joint musical performance in numerous appearances, which was praised with renowned awards and great reviews. The ensemble performs a wide range of compositions, from originally composed for the saxophone quartet, across arrangements, to “popular” music, with a special emphasis on the promotion of contemporary young authors.
Quattro Temperamenti will perform the following program at the opening of the Festival:

  • J. S. Bach (arr. Katsuki Tochio) – Italian Concerto
  • Gordan Tudor – Several Miniatures for Saxophone Quartet
  • Ivan Brkljacic – Quattro Temperamenti
  • Gabriel Pierne – Introduction et Variations sur une Ronde Populaire
  • Gioachino Rossini (arr. Gaetano Di Bacco) – Rossini… per Quattro

We believe that Quattro Temperamenti will open this year’s Festival in a great way and capture the affection of the audience in Kragujevac.

The opening of the Festival is realized with the help of the City of Kragujevac and numerous friends. The concert is held at the Children’s Theatre, and the entrance is free.

Author and translation: Ljubica Guzvic

More about the ensemble Quattro Temperamenti can be found out below:

Biography: Quattro Temperamenti

1The saxophone quartet Quattro Temperamenti consists of four saxophonists who have emerged from the class of saxophonists Gordan Tudor and Gabor Bunford and also Timea Kalmar, in whose class of chamber music they started playing together. The ensemble was founded in October 2014, while the name Quattro Temperamenti was inspired by composition of Ivan Brkljacic – as a dedication to the first Serbian piece for the saxophone quartet.
This chamber ensemble encounters a warm reception of audience and criticism. They made a number of full-length concerts: in Senta, Sremska Mitrovica, Subotica, Imotski, Novi Sad (in the City House and in the Institute for Culture of Vojvodina), Belgrade (in the Center of Fine Arts Guarnerius), Zagreb (concert within the World Congress of Saxophone in 2018). In October 2015, they held a concert at the international festival “Belgrade Saxperience” at the Terazije Theatre. They also featured in the show “Sunday Night” of Radio Television of Serbia.
At the International Competition “Davorin Jenko” in Belgrade in 2015, the Quartet won the first prize and the title of laureate in the discipline of chamber music.
The repertoire of the composition consists of original works for the saxophone quartet, transcriptions and arrangements that belong to the genre of “popular” music.
Members of the Quartet give great importance to the promotion of new compositions by young authors, so in May 2015 during the annual festival of contemporary music ” Izlog suvremenog zvuka ” (Zagreb, Croatia) they performed several works successfully (by Tamara Lazic, Djordje Markovic and Vladimir Korac).
The Quartet had its second performance in Croatia within the “Saxophone School in Jaska” in March 2016, as a guest ensemble. In May of the same year, they performed at Ivan Brkljacic’s author’s concert at the Student Cultural Centre in Belgrade. They have perfected knowledge with members of the renowned Papandopulo Quartet from Croatia, and participated in the seminar of the famous Signum quartet (Germany).

From critics:
“These young people, still students from Novi Sad, performed by perfectly synced joint play and spontaneous control of listening to each other, they have provided us with excellent results of the program they presented.” – Donata Premeru (“Muzika klasika”, No. 20, July – September 2015). In the same text, the author states that she included concert at CLU Guarnerius in the category of the concert event of the year, more precisely, of season.
“The sound of the quartet of the saxophone Quattro Temperamenti, an ensemble dedicated as well to contemporary music, ‘quilted’ the evening, which gave the Ivan Brkljacic’s author’s concert an basic sound colour, as well as a substantive-conceptual support.” – Zorica Premate (“Politika – Cultural Addition” 4th June 2016).