Grand opening of the eighth Festival

The 8th International festival of chamber music Convivium Musicum opened last night in the Hall of the First Kragujevac Gymnasium. At the very beginning, on behalf of the organizers, the president of the Association and the manager of the Festival, Jovana Radovanović, addressed the audience.
At last night’s concert we had the opportunity to listen to the Festival ensembles – clarinet quintet and piano sextet. These ensembles consisted of young artists: Morta Grigaliūnaitė – piano (Lithuania), João Paiva – clarinet (Portugal), Tijana Milaković – violin (Serbia), Mina Dinić – violin (Serbia), Jana Stojanović – viola (Serbia) and Filip Tomić – cello (Serbia), whose different sensibilities harmoniously merged into a single whole, exuding a unique skill and energy.
In Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet K.581, in which the clarinet dominates as “the first among equals”, Joao Paiva managed to convey all the charm, clear depth and agility of this instrument with his interpretation – which was especially emphasized in the second movement. The dialogues between the strings and the clarinet had a conciliatory character, clearly differentiated, and the clean and carefully constructed melodic lines that stood out in particular.
In the Overture on Jewish Themes, Op. 34b Sergei Prokofiev for piano sextet, the artists managed to level the relationship between the instruments by collaborating in an organic way of musicians who understand each other best. What we will primarily remember after last night’s concert are the sincerity, warmth and maturity of the artists who, although they gathered especially on the occasion of the Festival and performed for the first time together, knew how to listen to each other and successfully participate in building a musical story.

Author: Katarina Lazarević Sretenović
Translation: Ljubica Gužvić
Photo: Marko Dašić