Great applause from Kragujevac audience for Evgenija Jeremic

Kragujevac audience finally got the opportunity to attend the full-length concert of the young Kragujevac artist, Evgenija Jeremić (soprano). This by age is young, but by professionalism and artistic skills already mature artist, gave the performance that made night for remembering. The National Museum Gallery was not large enough to comfortably welcome all those who came to hear her on this occasion. This multi-award-winning student of artistic doctoral studies of opera singing, performed with the piano collaboration of the outstanding Peter Marković, a pianist who is recognized in this area for very successful collaborations with opera singers. They based repertoire on romantic literature, with a visible emphasis on the creations of Giuseppe Verdi. Through nine famous arias of Jules Massenet, Antonin Dvorak, Charles Guno, Alfredo Catalani, Francesco Cilea and certainly Verdi, Evgenja Jeremic showed the entire amplitude of various emotions, a lavish soprano and an extraordinary, sophisticated attitude. She showed that at one point she can be a crystal clear, gentle lyrical soprano, and already in the next – a powerful drama soprano. Her talent and work would now be able to lead her to major world opera shows. There are rare like Jeremic; who have a “complete” talent or a set of talents needed for such a scene. With such rich experience she has gained so far – we hope that she will return to us as opera diva at some future concerts. For her native Kragujevac, judging by the great applause – she certainly already is.
Author: Anja Lazarevic Kocic, Translation: Ljubica Guzvic
Photo: Milos Dasic