ICstrings are introducing the New Year

PLAKAT-CM5The first concert in 2018, with which we continue the concert season “Convivium Musicum 17/18”, will be held on Wednesday, January 17, at the National Museum Gallery, starting at 20 h. We introduce the New Year to Kragujevac audience in the right way, along with the playful sounds of violin and cello and the great duo, ICstrings from Germany.
The ICstrings ensemble are Caroline Busser, violoncello and Ivan Knezevic, violin. Caroline is of German-French origin, and Ivan is already well known to the audience in Kragujevac as one of the members of the Evenos quartet and one of the artists who performed at the 1st International Chamber Music Festival Convivium Musicum. Both are prominent, rewarded and very successful young artists with solo, orchestral and pedagogical practices. What connects them is a great love for chamber music, which is the most important in their previous performing career.
Karolin and Ivan are currently on a big, ten-month tour through Europe where they are implementing the Music Connects Europe project. The idea is to introduce audiences across the continent and demonstrate the strength and beauty of music and emphasize its characteristic to crush all borders and connect people. In addition to this, ICstrings also make a synthesis of the past and the future, playing on two types of instruments, old – two hundred and fifty years old and new – carbon ones.
At the concert, ICstrings will perform the following program:

  • Antonio Vivaldi – Sonata for violin no. 1, g minor, RV. 27
    • Preludio
    • Giga
    • Sarabanda
    • Corrente
  • Volfgang Amadeus Mozart – Duet G major, KV 423
    • Allegro
    • Adagio
    • Rondeau. Allegro
  • Zoltan Kodaly – Duet Op. 7
    • Allegro Serioso, Non Troppo
    • Adagio
    • Maestoso E Largamente, Ma Non Troppo Lento – Presto
  • Georg Friedrich Handel- Johan Halvorsen
    • Passacaglia for Violin and Cello

The concert is realized with the help of the City of Kragujevac, and the entrance is free.

Below you can read more about ICstrings:

Biografija: ICstrings


Caroline Busser, cellist of French and German origin, was born in Munich. As a five year old, she received her first music lessons, learned the flute, violin and piano before she fell in love with the cello, which would fascinate and accompany her through her musical career. In youth orchestra and chamber music ensembles she discovered to communicate with others through music, “carrying” the sound with the bass voice, being part of an accomplished piece of art. She made this “first love” her profession, practicing and soon winning awards such as the National Cello Award Germany. Her studies led her to the Music Conservatories Strasbourg, Detmold and Munich where she played her final degree concert with great success. Prof. Bernard Greenhouse, one of the most renowned chamber music professors, invited her for a private scholarship to the United States. Under scholarship of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, Caroline performed in the most prestigious concert halls under some of the most prominent conductors such as Zubin Mehta, Lorin Maazel and Christian Thielemann. 2013 she became the Principal Cellist of Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern. The most fulfilling thing thus far in Caroline’s eventful career has been chamber music, and she wants to spread the joy it has given her playing concerts with her duo ICstrings and the project Music Connects Europe.

Ivan Knezevic was born in Belgrade and found his love for music early in life. As a four year old, he joined the Belgrade Choir “Kolibri”. At the age of six, he decided all on his own accord that he was going to learn to play the violin. At a special school for music in Belgrade he received, in addition to advanced violin lessons, his first taste of chamber music and orchestral playing. Since then he has played with great fervor in numerous established ensembles, nurturing his endless willingness to share musical ideas and interpretations with others. First prizes at national and international competitions have enabled him to continue his career abroad. At just 20 years old, he was invited to Chile as principal 1st violin of the Teatro Municipal. In Germany, he has also taken up the position of principal 1st violin in Hagen and Essen. Additionally, he played first violin for three years in the “Evenos String Quartet”, working with internationally known musicians whilst touring all over Europe. Ivan loves sharing his musical experiences with others and passing on his knowledge to the younger generation. He has taught at the Cuprija Musical School for especially gifted children in Serbia, as well as been a lecturer for chamber music at the college of music in Belgrade. His masterclasses both in Serbia and Greece are famous for their vibrant and spirited style. Ivans numerous arrangements have enabled ICstring’s repertoire to overcome musical boundaries, providing a seemingly unendless range of possibilities.
Together, Ivan and Caroline, create ICstrings combining the eight strings of their instruments to form a duo that performs on the highest level. Thanks to their various styles, dynamic education, and artistic creativity the two soloists are able to unite classical and crossover music. Ivan Knezevic arranged the variety of pieces for ICstrings. Playing on their 250 year old master instruments, as well as their cutting-edge carbon instruments, ICstrings is bridging the gap between past and future. The goal of ICstrings is to make everyone realize the joy and passion music can bring to their lives.