Interview with conductor Aleksandar Brujic

As part of the concert season Convivium Musicum ’19, on November 30th, the audience had the opportunity to meet one of the most respected amateur vocal ensembles in Serbia – choir Belgrade Madrigalists. This ensemble was founded in 1951 and fosters a new kind of music. The repertoire contains spiritual compositions by local and foreign authors, the national repertoire, as well as contemporary compositions. Since 2008, the choir has been under the direction of maestro Aleksandar Brujic. At the scene of the First Kragujevac Gymnasium, choir revived the compositions of B. Donato, F. Azzaiolo, L. Marenzio, O. di Lasso, A. Willaert and A. Vivaldi. We spoke with the conductor Aleksandar Brujic about the performance, interesting biography and the challenges that working with ensemble brings. Read More →


Interview with ensemble Les Nounours

Trio Les Nounours is a new ensemble on the scene of art music in Serbia, composed by Teodor Ikanovic (violin), Srdjan Paunovic (saxophone) and Kosta Knezevic (piano). The ensemble was founded with the idea of associating individual qualities, in search for the sound that is very rare for our country, but also rare in the world. The relatively modest original repertoire for violin, saxophone and piano (which confirms the rarity of this form) is expanded by the members of the ensemble, to be exact by their own adaptations of the pearls of chamber music. Read More →


Interview with pianist Stevan Spalevic

About the performance, the challenges that the ensemble made by percussion and piano brings, as well as art and music, we talked with pianist Stevan Spalevic.
The interview was led by Aleksandra Lukic, a student of Master Studies at the Department of Music in the Media (FILUM) and the volunteer of our manifestation. Read More →

Koncert LP Duo (18)

Interview with LP Duo Ensemble

After a great concert that took place in December 2017, during the Concert season „Convivium Musicum 17/18“, we talked with members of the LP Duo about the program that they performed, jointly playing, new ideas and, of course, quantum music. On this occasion, the conversation with Sonja Loncar and Andrija Pavlovic was led by Ljubica Guzvic, PR of Concert season. The interview was published in the classical music magazine Muzika Klasika, no. 31, year IX, April – June 2018. Read More →

Koncert Evgenija Jeremic (8)

Interview with Evgenija Jeremic

Soprano Evgenija Jeremic held a concert in her hometown of Kragujevac, within the Concert Season “Convivium Musicum 17/18”. In the crowded Gallery of the National Museum, in front of the domestic audience, she performed accompanied by pianist Petar Markovic. The evening was painted with the sounds of Italian arias from the Verdi and Puccini’s operas, with which she showed a lavish spectrum of emotions, sophistication and extraordinary musicality. The audience welcomed the performance of their fellow citizen visibly thrilled and with great applause. Read More →