Lenka Petrovic performed at sixth concert of season

Lenka FebruarThe Kragujevac audience does not often have the opportunity to meet harp sounds, especially as a solo instrument. It was the concert of the young and promising harpist Lenka Petrovic, a fourth-year student at the Art Academy in Novi Sad, who replaced this shortcoming. This talented and successful artist has performed within Concert season „Convivium Musicum 16/17“. In the crowded hall of the First Kragujevac Gymnasium she performed works by Scarlatti, Bach, Hindemith, Debussy, Henriette Renie and Ekaterina Walter-Kühne. The combination of healing, soothing, and seductive sound as well, floated between two poles that came to their full expression in the mature and self-conscious interpretation of the young artist. What the audience has visibly felt and which in some way marked this music event is Lenka’s irreversible sincerity, genuine love for her call, the joy of playing. This evening, once again, her amazing technique, a luxurious virtuosity and a finer sense of tonic shades, ranked her among the best young harpists in our country. She has already confirmed this by participating in numerous domestic and international competitions – the first prize in UFAM competitions in France (2005) and Petar Konjovic in Serbia (2011 and 2015), the fourth prize at the Ksenia Erdeli Competition in St. Petersburg (2012), and recently won the third and special prize for best performance of the new composition at one of the most prestigious harpist competitions in Blumington, USA.

Autor: K. Lazarevic, Translation: Lj. Guzvic
Photo:  L. Jaglicic, S. Adamovic