Masterclass pre-art soloists

Often it happens that renowned artists of music hold a masterclass just before a performance in that city. This can be a great incentive for them, but also for participants themselves who have the opportunity to exchange experience with experts, get informed about the current happenings in that area, pay attention to the finest details during the play.
In Kragujevac, members of the pre-art soloists from Switzerland also held masterclass for piano (Gilles Grimaitre), violoncello (Tobias Moster), flute (Boris Previsic) and oboe (Matthias Arter). There were a total of thirteen attendants, students of the Faculty of Philology and Arts in Kragujevac, who had the opportunity to learn and try new techniques and ways of performing contemporary art music characteristic for the instruments they play. During the interactive classes, which lasted between three and four hours, the participants learned very useful tips and novelties in the performance of contemporary musicians.
(Author: K. Lazarevic, Translation: Lj. Guzvic)