New lineup of Festival’s ensemble wowed the audience

The specialty and significance behind the concept of the Festival ensemble Convivium Musicum came to the third concert of the Festival in full glory. The idea of artists, that have not previously performed together, which in just a few days make a full-length program, has proven to be especially interesting to both performers and the audience this time. João Paiva from Portugal – clarinet, Morta Grigaliūnaitė from Lithuania – piano and Filip Tomic from Serbia – cello, have proven that great professionalism always results in an exceptional concert. These young artists have long proven themselves as top soloists. At last night’s concert, they demonstrated the power of chamber music – the power of communication between artists and instruments, and simultaneously highlighting each instrument separately. The warmth of musical expression is the first association to anyone who listened to this concert. The soft tone with which João Paiva presented the clarinet as a completely special instrument, the gentle sound of the cello with which Filip Tomić coloured and emphasized every musical phrase and the brave and unobtrusive playing of Morta Grigaliūnaitė – were the best proof of why precisely this combination of instruments was an inspiration to numerous composers.

The program that was performed consists of two “classics” of chamber music. The first work performed was the famous Mozart’s Kegelstadt trio K. 498, E flat major the composition through which artists have shown us all the delicacy of Mozart’s music. The other work was the Clarinet Trio Op. 40 a-minor, one of the most important compositions by Karl Fruhling, who with his romantic full sound made a good contrast to the first part of the concert. Wonderful music, good programming concept, excellent artists and satisfied audience – this is the concert last night!

Author: Anja Lazarevic Kocic
Translation: Ljubica Guzvic
Photo: Milos Dasic