Opening ceremony of the 6th Festival

The 6th International Festival of Chamber Music Convivium Musicum opened last night in the Hall of the First Kragujevac Gymnasium. At the very beginning, the audience was addressed by Jovana Radovanovic, President and Manager of the Festival, and on behalf of the City of Kragujevac Stefan Nikezic, Assistant of City Mayor for the Advancement of Youth in Local Government.

At the concert that opened the Festival last night, we had the opportunity to hear the Animato Piano Quartet composed by four artists of different sensibilities and characters. This diverse mix of temperaments went in harmony with the two compositions that were on the repertoire – the Piano Quartet op. 13 in C minor by Richard Strauss and Slovenian dances (Furiant, Dumka and Kolo) by Antonin Dvorak. In the first, characterized by extreme drama and suggestiveness, the artists inventively and strikingly conveyed the atmosphere of the work, which the audience recognized and awarded with thunderous applause. Teodora Boljanac (violin), Jelena Mitrovic (viola), Jovana Milenkovic (cello) and Marija Obrenovic (piano) managed to convey the richness and specificity of the folk rhythms and melodies of the Czech furiant, Ukrainian dumka and Serbian dance kolo in the three Slovenian dances. The audience brought these brilliant artists back to the stage, and they performed an Arabian dance from the Two Pieces for the Piano Quartet by Richard Strauss .

Judging by this beginning of the Festival, there are more interesting and successful concerts on our way in the three days!

Author: Katarina Lazarevic Sretenovic
Translation: Ljubica Guzvic
Photo: Milos Dasic