Passionate performance of the ICstrings ensemble in Kragujevac

ICstrings is a duo that consists of two young, and at the same time – so mature artists. Caroline Busser, a cellist of French-German origin, and Ivan Knezevic, a violinist from Serbia, already reached their momentous career in early thirties, which could be envied by their much older colleagues. Finding their own path, style and finding each other, Karolin Buser and Ivan Knezevic decided to create ICstrings and, mainly, leave behind what they had done so far in the chamber ensembles. Their venture is much more than a standard duo that occasionally performs together. Caroline and Ivan live the ICstrings, which numerous Kragujevac audience could feel in their music at a concert held at the National Museum Gallery. Beside everything they do in their rich career, from Germany as a base, they started the challenging project Music Connects Europe. Thanks to it, they travel through Europe and how they say – with their concerts “show how much joy and passion music can bring to life.” Fortunately, Kragujevac was on the map of their great European road, so we had the pleasure of listening to inspired and technically extraordinary playing.
The program they performed was, we can say – standard. This means that they performed works that can often be heard on concert podiums both in Serbia and abroad, from Vivaldi, via Handel, Mozart to Kodaly. And exactly in this fact, the magic of this duo hides. Everything sounded, in one word – differently. With their talent and devoted work, they introduced freshness into well-known compositions. More importantly, such performers “activate” a professional audience, making it particularly pleased. We had the impression that we were hearing certain works for the first time. The warm and soft sound of the cello and the superb technique of Knezevic, as well as their overall energy and excellent cooperation, earned the performance in one of Europe’s most important concert venues, which we hope will be on their big journey.
Author: Anja Lazarevic Kocic, Translation: Ljubica Guzvic
Photo: Milos Dasic and Stefan Adamovic