Pavel Kachnov opened the season with an exceptional concert

The Concert season “Convivium Musicum 17/18” was opened on 5th September with the concert of pianist Pavel Kachnov in the hall of the First Kragujevac Gymnasium. The audience was presented to a remarkable pianist with a prestigious international career who has been crowning first prizes at major contests around the world, including the first prize of the audience at the International Competition in Lyon this year. Although he belongs to the younger generation, Pavel Kachnov with the absolute maturity in the approach to the interpretation of piano compositions, gives an impression of artists with an enormous stage presence and experience.

Romantic works for piano by Schumann, Rachmaninoff and Liszt have shown us the mastery of these composers and all the beauty of their music. Schumann’s “Carnival” at the beginning of the concert ceremoniously opened the second Concert season “Convivium Musicum” and through the symbolism of the name of the composition, announced out to Kragujevac audience that they could expect a musical holiday this season. Technically precisely and with incredible feeling for the lyrics, that leads us to the most fragile parts of the soul, Pavel Kachnov has won all listeners in the Gymnasium hall.

Preludes op. 23 no 3 d minor, 5 g minor and 7 c minor, by composer Rachmaninoff took us into Russian romanticism and completely transferred to the atmosphere inherent to this composer, full of endless musical phrases based on tradition and painted with Rachmaninoff’s gorgeous harmonic background.

The cycle of compositions “Years of pilgrimage”, published in three volumes, throughout the entire life of Liszt was a great challenge for this virtuous pianist. The “Oberman Valley” composition composed in the first volume is a work of comprehensive musical content in which Pavel Kachnov’s inner art world came to full expression, as well as a brilliant piano technique in the performance of the most difficult piano parties. “Petrarch’s Sonnet 104” from the second volume of the “Years of pilgrimage” showed us the profound sensibility of Pavel Kachnov and the uniformity in the sounds of each registry on the piano, which is unique to the greatest pianists.

This brilliant pianist’s concert ended with Liszt’s “Hungarian Rhapsody” no. 6 which reminded us once again of the most popular compositions of the piano virtuoso and “Paganini”, in which we meet with the melodies of Hungarian Gypsies stylized to the greatest piano mastery. Encountering this piano pearl, close to a wide audience, Pavel Kachnov entered with the temperament and strength of the artist who unstoppably brings the work to the artistic highlight. Two encores are another confirmation that a pianist presented to us will have a great world career.
Author: Violeta Vasiljevic, Translation: Ljubica Guzvic
Photo: Stefan Adamovic, Lazar Jaglicic