Perfect performance of LP Duo was delite for audience

The successful year 2017 of the concert season 2017/2018, Convivium Musicum has accompanied suitable- with the concert that best circled this year and all that the professional team of the association advocates. It’s hard to find the right words and briefly explain the LP Duo. Outstanding pianists who have been performing together since 2004, winners of many prestigious awards and recognitions for their work, raw professionals from whom “shines” love for what they do, both on the scene and off it. They are pedagogues and artists, in full sense of those words, that move the borders of pianism and idea about what is actually a piano duo.
Even at the concert that took place on December 20, in the full hall of the First Kragujevac Gymnasium, they did not miss the opportunity to inspire everyone present with their performance. In Kragujevac, as well as around the world, they have their faithful audience, but nevertheless they succeed in gaining new one with each performance. Perhaps the best description of LP Duo’s art came from New York when, after performing in the famous Carnegie Hall, they were characterized by criticism as: “Elegance of classics, freedom of jazz, rock’n’roll power.”
Their enthusiasm for the promotion of contemporary art music does not waver. That is especially pleasing to the professional public, while to the less-informed audience opens the door to a new and very interesting world of contemporary creativity, often unjustly characterized as uninteresting and non-inspirational. With breaking the prejudices, Sonja Loncar and Andrija Pavlovic, reached far beyond the borders of Europe, and after a world tour where they promoted their project Quantum Music, they found time to offer something new and unusual to the public in Kragujevac . Their concert was designed as a compact entity, thanks to the performance of the extensive composition of the Canto Ostinato by Holland composer Simeon Ten Holt. This piece is an exciting for itself – it was created in 1976 and its most interesting feature is the huge freedom given to the performers (even in terms of the duration). In an hour of music characterized by rhythmic, repetitive, subtle dynamic shades and emotional charge that occasionally springs up to the surface, the artists presented the beauty of minimalism music. Perfectly harmonized interpretations of these two performers, technically demanding and expressively musical, left us hoping that we will have the opportunity to hear them again in our city as soon as possible. By then, undoubtedly, LP Duo will create a new musical story that will exhilarate.

Author: Anja Lazarevic Kocic, Translation: Ljubica Guzvic
Photo: Stefan Adamovic