pre-art soloists performed at eighth concert of season

pre-art AprilMusical ensemble pre-art from Switzerland is composed of outstanding soloist (Boris Previsic – flute, Matias Arter-oboe, lupofon, Rafael Kamenis – saxophone, Vladimir Blagojevic – accordion, Gilles Grimaitre – piano, Tobias Moster – cello and Alexander Gábris – double bass). On 10th April 2017, in the Hall of the first Kragujevac Gymnasium, they performed and staged an evening for Kragujevac audience to remember. At this innovative, interesting and demanding concert (for performers and audience), Kragujevac has finally been able to hear the music of contemporary composers, with special musical “delicacies” such as pieces that were composed specifically for this unusual ensemble – compositions Stephen Wirth Places and the work of Vinko Globokar Septet for 13 sources.
We should emphasize the variety of activities of pre-art – except concert activity, they have their attention and efforts directed at cooperation with composers and promotion of contemporary music production (established a competition for young composers), to help young artists in obtaining scholarships and instruments as well as Cultural exchange between Switzerland and the countries of Eastern Europe. It seems that this ensemble, even after sixteen years of existence, continues to expand its diverse activities.
With their concert in Kragujevac, they shook the professional audience and the public, mostly accustomed to classical repertoires. Their way of playing, as well as this in Kragujevac, goes beyond the standard of classical music concert to one of the dominant art forms of today – performance. In the repertoire, these brilliant musicians do not rely on the sound names of art music. Actually, with their powerful performance tend to support contemporary music – to “sound it” better so it can become approximately important to today’s listener.

Author: A. Lazarevic, Translation: Lj. Guzvic
Photo: M. Dasic