Second evening of 6th Festival

The second night of the 2019 Festival, was marked by the performance of the Festival Ensembles CONVIVIUM MUSICUM – violin-cello duo and cello duo. The idea of bringing together artists who did not have the opportunity to perform together before, proved to be,  this year as well, of great interest to both the Kragujevac audience and the performers themselves. The pulsating energy as well as dedication of the performers marked last night’s concert.

Duo for Violin and Cello Op. 7 by Zoltan Kodaly, interpreted by violinist Roma Tic from Poland and cellist Filip Tomic from Serbia, exuded special harmony and artistry. Particularly interesting was the performance of the third movement of this composition (Maestoso e largamente, ma non troppo lento – Presto), which, through its articulatory technique that mimics human speech, achieved a special effect.

At the second part of the concert the Suite for Two Cello Op. 16 by Czech composer David Popper was performed. In the five movements of this composition, cellists Magdalen Bojanovic Koziak and Filip Tomic managed to convey to us the different moods that adorn this work. Their various temperamental and performing styles blended in perfectly. Great technique and musicality of young artists, built a special atmosphere at this concert.

Author: Katarina Lazarevic Sretenovic
Translation: Ljubica Guzvic
Photo: Milos Dasic