Sixth concert of the season – Studio 6 + Jonas Kocher

CM '19 Studio 6 FINALThe sixth concert of season “Convivium Musicum ’19” brings something completely different to the Kragujevac music scene. New spaces and modern ways of expression in artistic music will be presented to us by Studio 6 from Serbia and Jonas Kocher from Switzerland.

Since its founding in 2012, ensemble Studio 6 has been actively presenting modern global trends in artistic music, through education and innovative programs. The ensemble members are exceptional artists from Belgrade, Novi Sad and Kragujevac with rich international careers in the field of contemporary art music. In addition to European, Serbian and Yugoslav music heritage, Studio 6 promotes the music of contemporary composers and sound artists, as well as freely improvised music, in which they participate as authors. The ensemble has accomplished a number of successful projects realized with domestic institutions and performances with the greats of the international contemporary artistic scene, such as Richard Barrett, Catalin Ladik, Vinko Globokar, Augusti Fernandez and many others. Apart from being active in Serbia, the ensemble regularly performs in the UK and Switzerland.

This year, Studio 6 presents a project called BelongingEnsemble Studio 6 + Jonas Kocher, bringing together musicians from Serbia and Switzerland, with the aim of exploring what it means to “be a musician” today in different cultural contexts, such as Switzerland and Serbia? The ensemble’s partner in this venture is Swiss sound artist and accordion player Jonas Kocher, active on a number of contemporary art-music-social platforms, with a focus on process oriented works, unstable situations and improvisation.

In Kragujevac Studio 6 will perform composed of following artists: Bojana Pantovic – violin, Nenad Markovic – trumpet, Milana Zaric – harp, Vladimir Blagojevic – accordion, Kaja Farsky – percussion, Svetlana Maras – electronics, with artistic direction by Jonas Kocher, and on the program are:

  • Sonja Mutic – All Your Worlds
  • Jonas Koher – Echoes and Perspectives
  • Jürg Frey – Fragile Balance
  • Ernö Király – Actiones

The concert is held on Tuesday, October 22th, at 20 h, in the Hall of the First Kragujevac Gymnasium, and entrance is free. The City of Kragujevac contributed significantly to the realization of this project by providing part of the funds for its co-financing, and the realization was supported by friends of the concert season: Faculty of Philology and Arts, Student Cultural Center, Music Center of Kragujevac, Music Youth of Kragujevac, Portal Prvi Prvi na Skali and others. The implementation of the Belonging project was financially supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia, “Pro Helvetia” and the “Nicati-de Luze” Foundation.

Author and translation: Ljubica Guzvic

You can find more about ensemble Studio 6 and Jonas Kocher here:

Biography: ensemble Studio 6

Studio 6Studio 6 consists of musicians from Belgrade, Novi Sad and Kragujevac with extensive international experience in modern classical, contemporary and improvised music. The ensemble’s artistic goal is to contribute to the domestic promotion of contemporary music practices through innovative programs and education. Being on the border between performing and creative, the ensemble promotes European, Serbian, as well as Yugoslav music heritage, as well as music of contemporary composers and sound artists, as well as freely improvised music, in which they participate as authors.

Since its inception in 2012, Studio 6 has accomplished a number of successful projects in collaboration with local institutions and international authors in the field of contemporary art music. Among them are close cooperation with Radio Belgrade’s Third Program (with RTS Digital) and the Institute of Culture “Milos Crnjanski” in Novi Sad. The ensemble regularly collaborates with British composer Richard Barrett and has performed at BEMUS (collaboration with Heiner Goebbels) and Ring Ring (collaboration with the Phoenix ensemble from Basel).

The ensemble especially nurtures a “live” collaboration with composers, who themselves participate in performing their works with the ensemble (Richard Barrett, Jonas Kocher, Catalin Ladik, Agusti Fernandez, Teodora Stepancic, Svetlana Maras, Jasna Velickovic, Djordje Markovic). Worth mentioning is the dedication to the opus of “forgotten” authors from the time of the SFRY, such as Ernö Király and Vinko Globokar, as well as the expansion of the repertoire through regular orders of new pieces, with an emphasis on the work of younger unconfirmed local authors.

In 2018, Studio 6 toured the UK and a recording of one of the concerts was aired on the prestigious BBC 3 Radio – “Hear and Now”. The ensemble also performed at the Serbian Cultural Centre in Paris, then in Berne, in collaboration with the Proton Ensemble, and in Zagreb, at the “Showcase of Contemporary Sound” festival. In 2020, the ensemble will perform a mini-tour of Switzerland with the project “Belonging”.

For its 2019 concert season, the ensemble is supported by the Serbian Ministry of Culture, as well as by the Swiss Cultural Centre ProHelvetia and the SOKOJ Cultural Fund. 

Biography: Jonas Kocher

Jonas Kocher Jonas Kocher (*1977) is a Swiss sound artist and accordionist working with personalities from various backgrounds and in numerous artistic and social contexts. He has a strong interest in process oriented works, unstable situations and improvisation. He works with musicians such Joke Lanz, Axel Dörner, Jacques Demierre, Gaudenz Badrutt, Hans Koch, with Tomaž Grom, Radu Malfatti, Irena Tomažin, Kasper T.Toeplitz, Christof Kurzmann, Michel Doneda and many others. As sound artist he has realised works that are situated between composed theatre, installation and concert pieces. Jonas Kocher has been invited to present his work as accordionist or composer by major festivals such as Festival Météo Mulhouse (F), Music Unlimited Wels (A), Cerkno Jazz Festival (SLO), Sanatorium of Sound Festival Sokołowsko (PL), Konfrontationen Nickelsdorf (A), Unerhört Festival Zürich (CH), Musik Festival Bern (CH), Goethe Institut Improv Festival Moscow (RU), Biennale Zagreb (HR), Irtijal Festival Beirut (LIB), Festival Sonic Circuits Washington (US), Art Biennale Thessaloniki (GR) a.o.