The Novi Sad Wind Quintet will perform at the closing of the Festival

The Novi Sad Wind Quintet will perform at the closing of the online edition of the 7th International festival of chamber music Convivium Musicum, on Thursday, September 24th. This ensemble consists of: Ksenija Mijatović Korom – flute, Veronika Antunović Marić – oboe, Kristijan Boroš – clarinet, Goran Marinković – bassoon and Mirko Marić – horn.

Members of the Novi Sad Wind Quintet have worked in various fields during their existence for more than a decade – from holding notable concerts in the country and abroad, through launching a series of concerts for children, to founding of the Chamber Music Festival held in Novi Sad.
Also, their realization of the CD release called “Music of Serbian composers for wind quintet” is very important, which includes the works of Petra Konjović, Dorothea Vejnović, Natasa Đuragić and Ivana Vojnović.
The ensemble has collaborated with many renowned foreign artists and performed in important halls in the country and abroad, and prominent composers David Mastikosa and Ivana Vojnović dedicated their works to this chamber ensemble.

The Novi Sad Wind Quintet will perform at the concert:

  • L. v. Beethoven – Overture Coriolanus Op. 62 (transcription for wind quintet Joachim Linckelmann)
  • D. Milhaud: La cheminée du roi René
  • J. Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue (transcription for wind quintet Ernst Tilo-Kalke)
  • F. Farkas: Régi magyar táncok
  • A. Malando: Tango Ole Guapa

The live stream of the concert starts at 20h on the YouTube channel Convivium Musicum. With respect to all measures taken by the authorities, a certain number of audiences will be allowed in the concert hall. Those who want to attend the concert will be able to reserve their place HERE.

The City of Kragujevac has significantly contributed to the realization of this project by providing part of the funds for its co-financing. Support was also provided by our longtime friends and other associates at the Faculty of Philology and Arts, Music School “Dr. Miloje Milojevic”, Music Center Kragujevac, Music Youth of Kragujevac, Prvi Prvi na Skali, Darko Riot Filmmaker and others.

Author: Katarina Lazarevic Sretenovic
Translation: Ljubica Guzvic

You can read more about the Novi Sad Wind Quintet below:

Biography: The Novi Sad Wind Quintet

Grupna, uz zid 2Novi Sad Wind Quintet was founded in 2010 in Novi Sad on the initiative of horn player Mirko Marić. The members are Ksenija Mijatović Korom (flute), Veronika Antunović Marić (oboe), Kristijan Boroš (clarinet), Goran Marinković (bassoon) and Mirko Marić (French horn). The wind quintet members are musicians whose field of activity is wide, ranging from chamber and orchestra music playing to teaching.
So far quintet has held noticeable concerts in the country and abroad, performing at Kolarac chamber music podium, at the opening of the International competition “Anton Eberst”, at Vlado S. Milosevic’s Days, NEO Festival and other important events. Very significant is the series of concerts for children “Peter and the wolf” whose goal was education of preschool children and young elementary school children. The ensemble collaborated with notable foreign artists including Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi, Gianluca Marciano, Norbert Girlinger, Boštjan Lipovšek, Gordan Tudor and many others. Far-reaching collaboration is achieved with domestic artist as well, including Igor Lazić, Sanja Lukovac, Marko Miletić, Slobodanka Stević, Aleksandar Gligić, Dragan Vujić and Uroš Mladenović.
Notable composer from Banja Luka, David Mastikosa, as well as acknowledged composer from Novi Sad, Ivana Vojnović, dedicated their compositions to this chamber ensemble.
Novi Sad Wind Quintet published CD “Music of Serbian composers for woodwind quintet”, supported by SOKOJ. On the CD were works of Petar Konjović, Dorotea Vejnović, Nataša Đuragić and Ivana Vojnović.
Novi Sad Wind Quintet is founder and residential ensemble of Festival of chamber music, which is traditionally held in Novi Sad.