Third concert of 6th Festival

On the third evening of the 6th International Festival of Chamber Music Convivium Musicum, two festival ensembles performed – the String Trio and the String Quartet . String Trio: Roma Tic – violin, Mila Krasnyuk – viola and Filip Tomic – cello performed the Serenade for String Trio C major, Op. 10 by Hungarian composer Erne Dohnani. This five-piece composition actually portrays a new and stylized Beethovenian ideal of the serenade form, through which flows lush beauty and charm. In interpretation of the members of the Festival String Trio, the elastic thematic material and the controlled power of this composition have received their full expression through a mesmerizing exchange of energy and emotions.

String Quartet no. 8 in C minor by Dmitry Shostakovich performed by the Festival String Quartet was on the program in the second part of the concert. This composition has been explained in various ways – as a dedication to the victims of fascism during World War II (as indicated in the sketchbook) all the way to the comprehension that this was in fact Shostakovich’s autobiographical work at the time of which he wanted to commit suicide. String Quartet members: Natalia Stosic from Serbia – violin, Roma Tic from Poland – violin, Mila Krasnyuk from Ukraine – viola and Magdalena Bojanowicz Koziak from Poland – cello, performed this composition with subtle immersion in the essence of the work, showing a sense of joint playing and listening to each other. After an extremely inspiring performance imbued with deep emotions, a moment of silence ensued. After it – a loud applause.

Author: Katarina Lazarevic Sretenovic
Translation: Ljubica Guzvic
Photo: Milos Dasic