UMUS award to Filip Tomic

The Association of Music Artists of Serbia (UMUS), for decades now, grants awards to prominent individuals and ensembles in the field of music in our country. UMUS Awards are granted every year, on the occasion of the Association Foundation Day (April 7th), and since 2001, the award was established for the most successful young artist (up to 30 years old). In May of 2018, winners of the 48th Prize of UMUS were declared. With great pride we emphasize that on that occasion, the award for the most successful young artist in 2017, was awarded to our art director, prominent cellist Filip Tomic.

IMG_0951Filip Tomic has already chosen music and cello in the early years of life. He gained primary and secondary music education in his native Kragujevac. Since sixteen, he has mastered his skills at the academies in Moscow, Cologne, Detmold, with renowned professors such as Aleksey Seleznyov and Ksenija Jankovic. During his education, he won more than ten, mostly first prizes at domestic and international competitions. He actively performs as soloist and member of chamber ensembles all over Serbia and the world.
The award ceremony was held in Belgrade, on June 4th, 2018, in UMUS premises. As part of the prise, Filip Tomic will perform at the end of the year at the Great Hall of the Kolarac Endowment, accompanied by pianist Jovana Radovanovic.
We congratulate our art director on this award and we wish him even more success and recognition in his future career!