Vladimir Blagojevic presented an exceptional concert to Kragujevac

On October 25, during the concert season “Convivium Musicum 17/18”, the Kragujevac audience had the opportunity to attend an exceptional concert of accordionist Vladimir Blagojevic. This Kragujevac born artist, with world career, admits himself that it is difficult to play in native city. Maybe because of that, he gave us one of the most interesting concerts in the current year.
There are rare concerts like this one. The same evening the artist presented us with contemporary music for the accordion and even more important, our culture – a large number of works by Serbian composers. Most important of all – Blagojevic premiered three compositions: Arlekqinade by Vladimir Trmcic, F 31.1 by Dragana Jovanovic and Good Wind by Ivan Brkljacic. Through cooperation with our composers, Vladimir Blagojevic is actively enriching the literature dedicated to accordion, further refining and giving it life with his performance.
Blagojevic is an artist who succeeds in something that many performers lack out: he connects modern music and previous epochs in his performances – understanding the contemporary moment in music as a continuation of the same art, and not as her counterbalance. This could also be heard in his performance on October 25th. The best testimonies are the composers delighted by the fact that their works finally “sounded” and the numerous audience that always greets this artist with open arms.

Author: Anja Lazarevic – Kocic, Translation: Ljubica Guzvic
Photo: Milos Dasic