Vocal group Constantine opens the 7th Festival

The 7th International Festival of Chamber Music Convivium Musicum, which is held online this year, starts on Tuesday, September 22nd. The vocal group Constantine from Nis will perform at the opening of the Festival.
This ensemble was formed in 2008 on the initiative of music enthusiasts and musicians, and its specificity is reflected in the fact that the repertoire consists of compositions of various musical genres – from spiritual to jazz, pop and rock. In addition to genre-diverse works that adorn their repertoire, the vocal group Constantine aims to nurture and promote chamber and non-standard vocal ensembles, as well as to preserve the musical tradition of Nis and Serbia. This ensemble has so far held more than forty solo concerts, and has performed at many festivals in Serbia and abroad. In addition to numerous awards and recognitions, in 2018 they released a CD for PGP-RTS called “U cik zore još se peva”.

The vocal group Constantine will perform the following compositions at the opening of the 7th Festival:

  • P. Chesnokov – Otče naš
  • K. Manojlović – Bogorodice Djevo
  • V. Dudnik – Skaži mi Gospodi
  • Georgian Patriarch Elijah II – Kyrie eleison
    Mario Petrović, tenor
  • G. Davidovskij – Ninje otpuščaješi
    Ivan Stojanović, bass
  • G. Lvovsky – Ninje sili
  • B. Stanković – Tebe pojem
    Mario Petrović, tenor
  • Isaija Srbin / S. Rajicic / B. Stanković – Motet from the 15th century
  • Serbian folk tune arranged by M. Kotogarov – Hvalite Imja Gospodnje
  • S. S. Mokranjac – Prva rukovet
    Marko Milanović, tenor
    Mario Petrović, tenor
    Ivan Stojanović, bass
  • M. Obrenović / B. Stankovic – Što se bore misli moje
  • Nis folk song / I. Nikolic – Niške devojke
  • Folk song / Jovica and Milos Gavrilovic – Ajde Jano
  • Song from Kosovo / B. Stankovic – Kosovski božuri
  • Poem from Pirot / I. Nikolic – Vrti kolo
  • B. Stanković – A mix of folk songs from Serbia

Although this year’s Festival is in a new spirit, we hope that the concert of the vocal group Constantine will mark its beginning in the right way – with an inspiring and quality interpretation of works of spiritual and secular music.
As every year, the City of Kragujevac contributed significantly to the realization of this project by providing part of the funds for its co-financing. Support was also provided by our long time friends and other associates at the Faculty of Philology and Arts, Music School “Dr. Miloje Milojevic”, Music Center Kragujevac, Music Youth of Kragujevac, Prvi Prvi na Skali, Darko Riot Filmmaker and others.

The live stream of the opening of the Festival and the concert of the vocal group Constantine starts at 8 pm on the YouTube channel Convivium Musicum. With respect to all measures taken by the authorities, a certain number of audiences will be allowed in the concert hall. Those who want to attend the concert will be able to reserve their place HERE.

Author: Katarina Lazarević Sretenović
Translation: Ljubica Guzvic

You can read more about the vocal group Constantine below:

Biography: The vocal group Constantine

Vokalna grupa Constantine 6The Vocal group Constantine was founded in Nis in October 2008 by music enthusiasts and musicians, for the purpose of interpreting music genres in a completely new way. The group’s repertoire is diverse and is based on works by domestic and foreign music authors, ethno, pop, rock, jazz, film and spiritual music, in order to expand the boundaries of the traditional. The group’s repertoire consists of music from the early period to the present day in originally written arrangements or specially written arrangements by members of the group. The goal of the Vocal group Constantine is to promote chamber and non-traditional vocal ensembles, as well as to preserve the musical culture of the city of Nis, Serbia and beyond. Accordingly, the city of Nis recognized the importance of this work and awarded the group the most prestigious city award “January 11” in 2016. In addition to this award, the group has won several first prizes at various festivals, and has won many recognitions, donations and diplomas, all for humanitarian work and for nurturing and preserving the musical culture of Nis and Serbia. The Vocal group Constantine has held more than forty solo concerts and has performed at many music festivals in Serbia and abroad. Significant concerts of the Vocal group are a concert at the Sava Center in Belgrade, the Army House in Nis, the National Theatre in Nis within NIMUS, the Banski dvor in Banja Luka, Mokranjac Days in Negotin, and the Hagia Sophia Church in Bialystok, Poland, performances at the Kolarac Endowment in Belgrade, at the Spring Festival in Belgrade at the House of Trade Unions, performance at the Verkhni Gorad Hall in Minsk, Belarus, performance at the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Sofia, at the International Choir Festival in Nis, performance at the DAVIS CUP in the Chair Hall in Nis, 5 concerts on a tour of England in London, Birmingham, Leicester and Corby. The group went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain during the spring of 2019 with archpriest-staurophore Nenad Popović. The awards that the group can be proud of are the first prize “Vojislav Ilić” for authentic performance of spiritual music at the 22nd International Choral Festival of Spiritual Music “Choirs among the frescoes” held in the crypt of the Church of St. Sava in Belgrade in the category of vocal ensembles, first prize and gold medal at the First International Festival of Choirs and Vocal Ensembles INTERKULTUR in Vrnjačka Banja, Grand Prix and the first audience award at the 12th International Klapa Festival in Perast (Montenegro) in the category of men’s klapas. Grand Prix at the 2nd International Festival BEHOS (Belgrade Choir Festival) and a gold medal in the category of secular music held at the Youth Center in Belgrade. The CD entitled “Post scriptum” by the Belgrade duo Moderato, published by PGP-RTS, contains a wine song sung by the vocal group Constantine, with which it won the first prize by the expert jury and the audience at the 10th International Klapa Festival in Perast (Montenegro) in the category New klapa song. In September 2018, the group released a CD for the national house PGP-RTS, entitled “U CIK ZORE JOŠ SE PEVA”.