Yuri Kot performed at fifth concert of the season

Jura JanuarThe adventures that pianists and audience experience when there are Beethoven’s piano sonatas on the concert repertoire resemble those we encounter in the most imaginative and creative works of art. Thus, the audience from Kragujevac met with an unusual world of majestic tonal beings that aroused from the elaborate and passionate interpretation of the three Beethoven sonatas from opus 10 – c minor, F major and D major. Renowned Ukrainian pianist Yuri Kot, who performed during the Concert season “Convivium Musicum 16/17”, led us to phantasmagorical music landscapes, showing studiousness, verve and refinement in interpretation. To a challenging combination of technical demands, deep inner excitement, and dramatic musical thoughts, the pianist approached suggestively and remarkably. Not scared at all, he showed us a high-end musical performance. This was somewhat expected, given the achievements of this respected artist, from wining many significant awards at the competitions, through a successful pedagogical career as a professor at the National Music Academy in Kiev, to Honorary Artist of Ukraine award. As a soloist or a member of the duo with Irina Aleksychuk, he has performed worldwide, and has also made numerous permanent recordings for radio and television stations in Ukraine, Serbia, Germany and America.

Autor: K. Lazarevic, Translation: Lj. Guzvic
Photo: M. Dasic